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Want to learn how we can help with your tech and development needs?

Helping You Leverage Tech to Connect 

The internet is getting more crowded by the day, and reaching your target audience and capturing their attention is getting harder and harder. 


If you can manage to get their attention, then it's all about establishing a relationship and building trust.   It's about developing a personality for your brand --  a compelling story that people want to be involved in. 


What is your story?  What is the problem that your customers have, and how can you help to solve them?  We can help you to captivate your target audience by identifying those problems that you can solve for them, and transform your brand, and your business. 

Incuvation is about "Incubating Innovation" -- helping you to create a website that is effective.   A website and marketing message that taps into the needs and desires of your customer and puts you in a position to solve their problems.

Our specialty is Marketing Technologies, or Martech.  Our services include Wix Studio, Wix Velo Development, Microsoft ASP.NET Development, Microsoft MAUI Mobile Apps, Marketing Platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and more!

Custom Wix Velo Development

Wix has a lot of features and functionality "out of the box" without development.  But if you hit a wall and need help to create that feature that needs custom development, we can help you out!  Visit our solutions page to see how we have helped our customers with a wide range of development in languages such as Wix Velo, C#, ASP.NET, Python and more!

C# ASP.NET Development

Our custom app development solutions include e-commerce apps, internal and customer-facing web applications.  If you have a need for a web app or mobile app, contact us or check out our solution page.

Marketing Technologies Development

Our marketing development services include customization and onboarding of Marketing Platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as integrations involving Marketing Services such as SendGrid and Twilio SMS.

Marketing Technologies Integrations

We specialize in the technical side of Marketing, including Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google My Business and integrating these solutions into your Wix Website.




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