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About Incuvation

With over 28 years of expertise in the technology sector, we offer clients knowledge and experience in the Microsoft ecosystem, with proficiency in technologies such as C#, Blazor, SQL Server, SSIS, along with Business Intelligence platforms like Oracle, Epic, and Microsoft. Our expertise extends to content management and customer relationship management systems including Sitefinity CMS, Salesforce CRM, and Hubspot, as well as communication technologies like Twilio SendGrid.

In addition to the Microsoft stack, we offer services in programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, and Python, and are adept with front-end frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue. Our web design capabilities are enhanced through design software such Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Gimp, and front end mock-up platforms such as Figma.

Focusing on marketing-driven results, we help our clients generate leads and drive sales through effective strategies in SEO and advertising. This comprehensive approach ensures that the solutions we develop not only meet technical specifications but also significantly contribute to business growth and success.

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