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Wix Dynamic Locations Pages

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Wix provides many options for allowing end-users to update their website without having to involve a developer. Though creating dynamic pages are an advanced topic for many people, they provide a way for the content to be updated using forms, which is easier and more structured than a blog. They also allow for the content to be uploaded from a spreadsheet.

The Business Challenge

Our customer provides equipment repair services to restaurants. Their parent company owns many businesses in the service industry, and each is hosted on a separate Wix website. Managing all of the locations is a time-intensive job, since

each location had it's own page. If a change was needed on all locations pages, that could require several hours of work to open and modify each individual location.

Solution Considerations

The solution should provide a simpler way for the various locations to be updated and managed on the website, preferably from a central location.

Technical Design

The Solution involved creating a dynamic page in Wix, which was attached to a "collection", which is similar to a database table.

A single dynamic page takes the place of many static pages, where (below) Los Angeles, CA will be replaced with the city and state from the collection, based on the page that was selected.

Solution's Impact on the Business

A change to the locations page in it's structure can be done in one place.

Changes to the data can either occur in one of 3 ways:

  1. By changing the values directly in the collection

  2. By creating a form that updates the collection

  3. Updating the collection using an API, from a back end system

For simplicity, this solution utilizes option #1. If something changes for a location, such as a phone number, it is updated directly in the collection:

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