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Sending Automated Email Alerts Using SendGrid

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The Business Challenge

A foodservice company provides equipment repair services to businesses. Their parent company owns several small to medium-sized service companies, and these companies have been integrated into a common ERP system. They approached Incuvation with a need to enhance their communication and service offering to their clients by sending e-mail alerts when certain events happened, such as creating a new service order, or when technician was on their way to their place of business.

Solution Considerations

While evaluating their situation, some key considerations came up:

  • The marketing department was using SendGrid, and wanted the solution to use that to send messages, and later text messages.

  • The ERP system had separate instances for different sister companies, with subtle differences, such as fields or time zones

  • A mobile application was being developed by an outside company, and this application would need to consume the same data

Technical Design

The Solution, called TekTrak, was recommended and implemented:

  • Incuvation's Glu Windows Service was implemented and polls each of the ERP systems on a regular basis and extracts changes made pertinent to customer alerts

  • A SQL database was designed to hold the service orders and alerts sent to customers pulled from the ERP. This provided a consistent design surface to program to.

  • A web interface was developed using Microsoft Blazor, that provides employees with a means to monitor the alerts that have been sent or are pending.

  • Daily reports are e-mailed to key stakeholders with statistics on the messages that were sent the day before. This information is used to provide a measurement into how well TekTrak is doing, and how many customers are signed up to receive the messages.

  • An API was written in ASP.NET 5 that allows the team developing the mobile application to extract the data from one location, rather than many different ERP databases.

Solution's Impact on the Business

  • Customers appreciate the communication letting them know that the technician has been dispatched

  • Emails give customers a touchpoint where they can be encouraged to use the service in the future, or potentially purchase products

  • The API saved the outside development team from having to pull data from many different sources, saving money and potentially bogging down those systems

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