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Hospital System Migration to OnBase

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The Business Challenge

An old mainframe can cost a lot of money to keep running. The expertise that's needed is a specialty because of the legacy technology. Vendors know that you are required to keep the system running for business reasons and can escalate the price. Regulations state that hospitals must keep records for a certain

number of years (depending on the type of data). The hospital needed to migrate the data from a legacy Tandem Mainframe that hosted an IDX system.

Solution Considerations

  • The hospital used OnBase document management system, so the data was to be migrated into it.

  • The data needed to be pulled and indexed accordingly to import into OnBase

Technical Design

The Solution involved the following processes:

  • Reports were pulled from the mainframe and stored temporarily as text files

  • Files were imported into SQL Server, where they were manipulated and indexes were created

  • A C# program pulled the data back out in the format needed for OnBase DIP process.

Solution's Impact on the Business

  • Hospital could meet regulatory requirements to retain documents for 18 years

  • Hospital was able to shut down the legacy mainframe (saving money)

  • Hospital was able to search for and display documents even faster than before, because of OnBase's indexing, and migrating the data to a system the users already were already using for other reasons.

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