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Insurance Adjuster Mapping ASP.NET Application

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The Business Challenge

Our customer in the Insurance Industry had a network of adjusters. When customers were in need of their services after being involved in a car accident, they had no way of finding the appropriate adjuster based on the distance from the customer, and the capability of the adjuster.

Solution Considerations

While evaluating their situation, some key considerations came up:

  • They wanted a visual representation of the adjuster network, which spanned the United States.

  • They needed to be able to send a Fax using the E-Fax system they were using in other systems, to send the adjusters information about the claim.

  • They needed to be able to generate reports, and send e-mail notifications to the adjusters to let them know a claim had been assigned to them.

Technical Design

The Solution involved creating a custom intranet site in ASP.NET and SQL Server:

  • Employees logged into the web site

  • Search screen allowed them to enter pertinent information about the claim

  • A list of adjusters were displayed sorted by the closest adjusters to the accident

  • The employee selected the appropriate adjuster

  • Information from the database was pre-filled

  • On submission, an e-mail alert was sent, and an E-Fax was sent to the adjuster

  • Reports were generated in PDF format to show data, such as claims per adjuster

Solution's Impact on the Business

  • The solution streamlined the process and allowed employees to find the appropriate adjuster quickly

  • The solution integrated with the other technologies at the company, including SQL Server and E-Fax

  • Though we were available for fixing any issues, the solution was used for 9 years without needing maintenance

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