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Recruiting Tracking System

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The Business Challenge

Atlanticon is a solution provider for large hospitals, and continually needs to find and retain quality consultants. Keeping track of that effort, the hiring process, and

finding the right candidate in a timely manner once an opportunity presents itself, is a juggling act.

Solution Considerations

  • The solution needed to be flexible and allow for custom fields

  • They needed to be able to search for candidates that had certain skillsets

  • They wanted to be able to enter an opportunity along with the skill requirements of that opportunity with the ability to compare with potential candidates to show gaps

  • The applicant would be tracked throughout the process

Technical Design

The Solution involved developing a custom ASP.NET website:

  • The candidates could be searched by any of the fields (specialty, available date, verification status, etc)

  • A form allowed for fields to be updated

  • Competency levels for various skillsets were entered for the candidate

  • Competency levels for requirements for opportunities were entered

  • A gap analysis report showed candidates that met the criteria

Solution's Impact on the Business

  • The solution allowed Atlanticon to keep track of candidates

  • It allowed for matching candidates to opportunities, to ensure those opportunities were not lost

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